cshaman from Etsy writes:

"This deck is beautiful and if you were a child of the 50s and early 60s, you might remember learning to read along with these little brownie images. I am impressed with the 2nd deck as well. Thank you Duck Soup...."  FIVE STAR REVIEW

                                                                              -- PHOTO BY SHELLEE M

Groggyshoes on Etsy writes:

"Yay ! My Brownies Oracle arrived & it's so adorable ! I love it. I love that these decks always have a history behind them. Whether it's an artist or writer, it makes the deck unique and I certainly feel like I have a small piece of history I can work with & use , while shedding light on the backstory and keeping it alive by sharing it with others !!!!" FIVE STAR REVIEW

                                      -- PHOTO BY DEBI A. (who laid the cards across the Zircus Magi Reading Mat, no less!)