Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Rocky Start

This is the first of the cards that I colored myself. I'm really kind of dismayed by it and feel that it bodes poorly for the deck. The vast majority of Palmer Cox's Brownie drawings are in black-and-white and DO need to be colored if they are to be adapted to suit the needs of an oracle deck. If I can't do a better job of coloring them than this, then the Brownies and I are up the creek without a paddle -- much like the next card below:

Click the cards to enlarge.

That's me in free-fall, front and center. The image is the same one that's on the title card (so it hardly deserves a reveal here), and shows how much better I have to get if this thing is going to get off the ground. Beside it is the second of the "Proverbs" cards... see below to learn about them, if you haven't already...

-- Frede.