Monday, May 18, 2015

Warning! Danger!

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The two newest cards. As you can see, the Brownies will always be there to tell you when you are skating onto dangerous territory. 

As far as I know, The Brownies Yearbook, from which the first card above is derived, is the only book in which they appeared that was full-color throughout. This means that I will be coloring the vast majority of the cards, as I did the one on the right. It's awfully nice to have those color drawings as a reference, though, because each one of Palmer Cox's Brownies had a distinct personality and wore a specific costume. I suppose this was the only way he could compose so many drawings with so many figures milling around in them without going mad. If every picture tells a story, each one of Cox's Brownie pictures tells dozens of stories. I was able to identify the fellow on the right in the paintings and color him accordingly (on the "Thin Ice" card, he's at the extreme right helping the Dandy Brownie up out of the water: He's in every drawing: his hat and pants are always brown, and his coat is always green. I suppose that makes him the Irish Brownie: look closely and you will see many other nationalities.)

-- Frede.