Sunday, June 21, 2015

New Size - New Shape - New Thinking

The new Jumbo-sized cards call for new Jumbo-sized preview images. The new card shape has a slightly narrower aspect ratio than poker-sized cards, but it's still going to be a heckova lot better. As you can see, good-natured conflict is the order of the day for this latest card. Except for about five distinct Brownie characters (whose colors matched the side that they were pulling on anyway) I deliberately made the top team predominantly red and the bottom team predominately green -- good opposing colors. The famous "toff" Brownie, one of Palmer Cox's most distinct character designs -- refused to take sides, but is refereeing instead.

I'm considering adding little Brownie vignettes to each of these cards, but that's going to be a decision for "the future."

-- Frede.