Sunday, July 26, 2015

It is with much excitement that The Brownies are setting off on their latest adventure: they have stolen sone ice-skates from the local pawn shop (how the pawn shop came to possess such a store of Brownie-sized ice skates is anyone's guess) and are off to test the ice on one of the earlier cards in the deck. Brownies are not above theft and are shown doing it all the time. Perhaps "borrowing" is a better term, as the good are always dropped in place when the sun comes up. That, and The Brownies -- as we have already seen -- can be notable good-deed-doers when they sense a genuine need.

For tthis card I actually romoved a lot of Palmer' Cox's original line art at the top: as the illustration was never intended to be colored, he indicated a night sky with pen-and-ink lines. This just got in the way of the color, so here as in some other pictures I got rid of it. The original drawing is also notable in that Cox seems to be having trouble with the Brownie scaling. If you look closely, you can see that the Brownies in the background actually seem to be quite tall, and that they grow shorter as they approach the foreground. 

-- Frede.