Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Worse (by far) than coloring the Brownies this time around, was coloring all those G.D. bars on the cages!!! And it had to be done -- Palmer Cox drew the bars each as two ruled lines with empty space between them, so all the color from the lower layers just showed right through. Oh, dear.

But I have more than that on my mind today: one of my favorite Font Foundries has come out with a new set of authentic Victorian fonts! -- and a couple of them are just unbelievably "right" and perfect for this deck... I mean more so than the ones I already own and have been using so far! But the set is $125 ... ouch! (Professional fonts ain't cheap, for the most part...) So here I am wracking my brain on how to justify the expense. Maybe I should launch a Kickstarter project: "Help Doug Buy Fonts!!" -- hey, it's no dumber than the Kickstarter project I saw from a kid who was trying to get other people to pay for his time on World of Warcraft! 

Anyway, sigh. Even as a professional expense, I'm not sure I can justify it this year. My decks aren't selling all that well, and my credit card is already writhing in pain! 

Still, if that's my worst problem at the moment, then I guess I'm doing OK...


-- Frede.