Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Blue Devil

... used to be the name of a legendarily steep ski slope at Saddleback mountain, my family's favorite ski hangout. Can't be sure if they still have a Blue Devil, though... it's been a lifetime since I was there, and things change a lot in the skiing business (and everywhere else) in that amount of time.

Earlier in the deck, you may recall that the Brownies were already experiencing Discord at the beginning of their sled ride down the ol' Blue Devil. Now they are nearing its end. Not only will they become separated from each other, but one of their sleds is splitting down the middle and becoming separated from itself -- meanwhile, some individual Brownies are no doubt becoming separated from their lunch -- and a few are in danger of becoming separated from certain of their own body parts. 

Some things seem like a good idea at the beginning, and only in retrospect do you realize what a horrible mistake you have made. 

-- Frede.