Saturday, August 1, 2015

"A Riot is an Ugly Thing --

"-- And I think it is about time that we had one!!" <-- ten Brownie Points if you can name the movie that this quote is from! Fifty Brownie Points if you can name the actor who said it. One Hundred and Eighty Seven Brownie Points if you can name the original actor who played the part being parodied by the actor who speaks this line!! No fair looking it up in Wikipedia. Answers in a future post -- if anyone gives a damn.

Actually, the Brownies are just "borrowing" some bats and baseballs so that they can have a friendly game in the town park (as we have already seen on an earlier card). But with all those bats waving about and all the frenetic activity it sure does look for all the world like the Brownies have taken on the role of the angry villagers in an old horror movie, doesn't it? 

I like to think that the Brownies would never be angry at someone like a mad scientist, but would gladly take their bats to bankers, CEOs, accountants, police officers, small-town officials and politicians... all of whom should be the real villains in Horror Movies. If Dracula was around today, he would definitely be a big time CEO of a major global corporation. And no, you can't have that idea. I'm going to write a novel around it someday soon.

SPEAKING OF BATS -- all of you West Coast diviners out there (and if you're looking at this deck, you must be interested in Divination) should be aware that SF BATS -- The Bay Area Tarot Symposium -- is coming right up! It looks to be a good time for all. I wish I could go. Here's their website. While you're there, be sure to check out the Legendary Lenormand deck created by my friend, the fabulous Carrie Paris! It is a GORGEOUS deck -- my favorite Lenormond deck ever (even including my own), and it benefits the BATS event. I'm happy to say that I made a very tiny eentsy weentsy contribution by designing the box. Get yours today!!!

-- Freder.