Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Adapting the Brownies

Click the images to enlarge.

So -- this card in particular, but really all of the cards that I've done so far, caused me to re-think this entire project. It has to be called a "project" now, because it's no longer just one deck.

The main deck will now be made up of "jumbo" sized cards -- 3.5" x 5.5" -- that will allow me to present the art at least 30% larger than on regular cards. It makes a noticeable difference.

The "proverbs" cards will remain poker-sized cards: meaning that this will actually be a two-deck set, both decks fitting into a single jumbo box with a booklet.

And now that I've worked on it a little, my new goal is to have 60 jumbo-sized cards in the main oracle. and 20 poker-sized cards in the proverbs deck. I think this is attainable -- whether or not it will be affordable is anyone's guess.... hopefully it will stay in line with the range of my full-size tarot decks, but I won't know until I actually finish the art and do the prototype. I'm a little nervous about this, because I know my decks are pricier than the mass-produced ones. 

It also means that I won't be using my default printer for this deck, but will be returning to the Game Crafter to realize this project: they're the only ones who are set up to produce a project like this that is made up of multiple components. For those of you concerned about the quality of the cards, GC has recently upgraded the card stock that they use significantly over the stock they used to use. 

Spent much of the past two days re-making the existing cards in the new size: and now am ready to move forward. Although the size of the preview images that I have been posting here at the site will likely change and get a little larger, too, I do NOT propose to go back and make new preview images for the cards that I've done. That just falls into the category of life being too short.


-- Frede.