Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Brownies Are Coming, The Brownies Are Coming!

Barring disaster, goof-ups on my part, Bad Karma or General Perversity, THE BROWNIES: THEIR ORACLE is now completed. 

It's always a kind of strange moment when I can type "The End" on a project... very much (I suppose) like having children, in that you invest a large part of your time, energy, emotions and thought into something, and then all of a sudden there's nothing left but to set it free in the world.

It's now in the stage where I'm just waiting for the physical printed proof to arrive. When that happens, I'll take pictures, post them here, make any final changes or corrections (hopefully there will be none) and put that baby up for sale. 

In the "I Was Afraid of This" department, it's almost embarrassing that I have to charge $59.95 for the package. But that's what Thinking Big will get you, and at two decks (one of them jumbo) totaling 85 cards, plus the box and booklet, I think it's competitive with most limited-run "art decks" out there.

I had to make a sacrifice on the booklet. It began as a really nice 8-page booklet that was clean and easy on the eyes... but in the end it added too much to the base cost. It was a most unpleasant surprise to find out what a difference four pages (really just one sheet of paper) and a staple made. So it was back to InDesign to cut 4 pages. It took a lot of cramming and re-fitting and 7 point type. The only thing that had to get cut outright was one of the card spreads I devised -- but it was the lamest of the three. The finished 4 page booklet is now more in line with your average LWB in that it is firmly packed and you'll need a magnifying glass to read it. 

However, I did save a PDF of the original version, which I'll gladly email to anyone who wants it.

So... bottom line...

I expect it will be about two weeks for the proof to arrive. Meanwhile, I'm moving on to my other projects that have been begging for attention.

The Brownies arrive in Late August.

I hope to see you then. And many thanks for following this blog.

-- Frede.