Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hang On to Something....

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OK, I'm finding that coloring Brownies is kind of a Zen thing. Put on some music, and Just Start: first the flesh tones for All Brownies, then scatter the basic Brownie clothes colors this way and that until you have something that's starting to look like something. I usually start with read, then do all the greens, all the blues, all the yellows. By the time I get to white, the damn thing is almost done. Don't think about it, just get Into The Brownies.

The illustration I used for this card is one of the very few in which Palmer Cox did not draw Distinguishable Brownies, in character: instead, this boat is full of generic Brownies. Even so, he managed to instill different personalities in all of them: some are being courageous, some cowardly, some are actively working on holding the boat together, others are just hanging on for dear life. 

Meanwhile, today's "proverbs card" is possibly the one with the most important message of all. Instead of an illustration from a book, it features a Brownie derived from a cardboard set of Brownie Nine-Pins -- an early Bowling toy.

-- Frede.